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I Bring Hurricanes

Catastrophic winds
poverty underwater
a life left behind
left him behind, too

name them after people:
Harvey, Irma, Florence

you left me lying there
on the hardwood floor
silent vaulted ceilings
a bottle of pills
a creature’s soft fur
innocent eyes

(I breathe for him)

the devil on your lips
God’s lies in your heart


I love, I love, I love

(I hurt him with a killer’s malice)
(You should’ve seen it)

and you won’t come to my door
and you spit with righteous indignation
hurricanes of empty apologies

Fourteen hours on the road
look, there
(We have no time to stop)
and he told me
of all the boys who loved him
that he will never love
fourteen hours on the road
he wouldn’t share my bed
my tears, a repellent
my pain is folly

(Will I ever see you again?)
(Probably not. Well. Good luck.)

tension in my jaw
tightening of blood vessels

I am

d i s s a s s o c i a t i n g

I love, I love, I love
(and I hate)

One bottle of pills
just the one
my tears are 83-foot waves
they are
torrential winds
flash floods spilling over your doorstep

I bring destruction
but I
I will not be destroyed

There are hurricanes in you
my curs-ed god-child
tell me
how the devil brings you storms
(and I will laugh at you)

Next one’s the big one
I can taste it on my tongue.
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I should start actually using this journal. The original purpose for it was to keep a fandom/media journal separate from my primary because there's way too much personal stuff in it for new friends.

That said: I made one New Year's Resolution and it's (possibly) pretty easy to accomplish. I will not purchase a single e-book or hardcopy until I've cleaned out my Kindle and read everything on my bookshelf.

Right now, I'm on Mr. Monster which is the second in a series, the first being, I Am Not a Serial Killer. The movie picked up some traction and was good for what it was. It was kind of hard to translate a book like that into film due to the sheer amount of introspection. They conveyed it well enough but it was nowhere near complete.


So I'll keep mostly everything here public with my fic buried behind locks as it should be.
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Is it improper to wear a costume to the gym on Halloween

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